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Amazon Kindle is one of the best e-book readers around, at least at the time of this writing. It takes advantage of e-ink technology to make reading books on the go more convenient. While Kindle is not as popular as iPad, it is already in the hands of a significant number of people. If you don’t intend to ignore those folks, you can always use Kindle This plugin to make your site as Kindle friendly as possible.

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Kindle This is a sidebar widget that lets your visitors send your pages to their Kindle using Amazon’s free document conversion program. They are going to need their Kindle email address as well as a valid sender address to send your pages to their device.

This plugin is nothing too fancy but does what it promises. You do have the option to change your templates around in the back-end to change the way your pages will look on Kindle. Unfortunately, the links that you may have on your pages won’t be ported over to the Kindle version of your document.

If your website tends to get a lot of traffic from Kindle device owners or you just like to give your visitors the option to share your content on those types of devices, Kindle This has got you covered.

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