Phanes 3D Printing Calculator for WordPress

January 23rd in Wordpress Plugins by .

So you enjoy 3D printing models? You could always earn a living from 3D printing other people’s models. The Phanes 3D Printing Calculator is a handy plugin that lets you start your own 3D printing shop based on WordPress. The plugin integrates with AstroPrint and lets you accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments & Square.

This 3D printing calculator is pretty easy to use. Your visitors will simply have to update their STL file before moving ahead. Up to 10 files can be uploaded simultaneously. Once their upload is complete, customers can check volume, material, and other settings before completing their order.

The basic version of the plugin comes with everything you need to get started for free. The premium version comes with an annual subscription but supports density/volume calculcations, more payment gateways, and AstroPrint.

[where to download it]

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