3 WordPress Plugins for Cron Jobs

August 6th in WP Stuff by .

Anybody who has managed a server in the past is familiar with cron jobs. You are not going to have any issues when your cron jobs are working as they should. When things fail, you could always use these plugins to get more control over your cron jobs:


Advanced Cron Manager: this plugin lets you view, delete, and schedule WP Cron tasks more conveniently.


Debug Bar Cron: adds information about scheduled events to Debug Bar, giving you access to useful information such as current time, list of custom schedule events, and the time of the next event. You will need Debug Bar installed to use this plugin.


WP Crontrol: another plugin that lets you see what’s happening in the WP-Cron system. Lets you view, edit, and add cron events.

You could always set up cron jobs under your operating system for non-WordPress related tasks. The above plugins simply make it easier to view and manage cron job information on your site.

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