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Everyone knows that social networking sites can drive a ton of traffic to websites. But you need to have a real social media and content marketing strategy to succeed online. You should also track your social media campaigns to make sure you are staying on the right track. We have already covered various social media analytics plugins. Social Audience happens to be another plugin that helps you make sense of data from Twitter.

social audience

Social Audience is quite useful for those of you who monitor Twitter all the time for opportunities, mentions, and everything in between. You can use it to monitor hashtags and topics on Twitter, analyze messages for your connected profiles, and effectively analyze trending tweets. You can fetch data by hashtag, set start/ending times, visualize all the data in an elegant fashion, analyze users, and do a whole lot more.


Social Audience is built using HTML5 and Bootstrap v3 framework. It has a responsive design and various predefined skins. You don’t need to be a PHP, CSS, or HTML expert to put this plugin to good use. This is a premium plugin.

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