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March 6th in Themes For Video Bloggers by .

TV Elements has been one of the best video blogging themes for a long time now. The theme which was designed by Press 75 a while ago had everything you need to get started in the world of video blogging. TV Elements 3 is the third iteration of this theme and comes with many improvements and a brand new design to enable you to build a more quality video blog with WordPress. The theme has been modernized and comes with more customization features, so you can focus more on creating high quality videos and less on worrying about how to change things around on your video blog.

TV Elements 3 is designed to work with the latest edition of WordPress. Unlike the previous version, you can now add as many featured videos on your home page. You can also display 12 video channels on your homepage, so this theme can be essentially be used for a web show or multi-author video blog. What I like about this theme is the fact that you can customize it and add new things to it without having to worry about changing the code. Whether you want to change your logo or customize what’s being displayed on your homepage, you can get it done from the back-end. [click to continue…]


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February 16th in Themes For Video Bloggers by .

Video blogging is one of the hottest fields in the Internet industry. The days of starting a simple blog and dominate your niche is over. Vlogging is the present and future of this business. If you are ready to get started with your own video blog and don’t have a theme that is compatible, don’t fret. We have you covered. Here are the best video blogging themes that you can use to start your WordPress video blog fast:

1. TV Elements 3 : TV Elements is one of the best video blogging themes available on the Web. It allows you to create your own show and manage your episodes effectively. You can add multiple channels and customize your site easily from the back-end.

2. Video Elements: Video Elements was designed with the video blogger in mind featuring traditional and gallery style layout options. Your audience can rate your videos too!

3. WooTube: WooTube is another great theme for YouTube vloggers. If you want to make it big time on YouTube, you can’t afford not to have a theme that supports your content. WooTube does just that!


4. Tubular: Tubular is a cool dark video blogging theme that allows you to embed videos from YouTube, Viemo, and other top video sites to your blog.


5. VideoFlick 2.0: VF 2.0 is a great theme if you plan to create your movie site or have a large video-blog. Very attractive and easy to customize. [click to continue…]


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November 15th in Wordpress News by .

Press75 is one of the most innovative WordPress Theme sites on the Web. Jason has moved to join forces with Revolution2, which means he will not be selling his awesome Press75 themes starting Monday, November 17th. These themes are great for videobloggers, so if you are interested in getting them, you have only a couple of days left to get these themes.

Jason is one of the super guys in the WordPress world. He is so creative, and his themes are just a testament to his dedication to bring unique high quality themes to the WordPress community. Here are the themes that won’t be sold after Sunday, Nov 16th:

Thee themes are definitely worth checking out if you are into video-blogging. There will be new themes on Revolution 2, but the above themes will not be sold ever again (according to Jason). But you still get support for them in the future, so it’s a win-win situation to me.


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