2 Amazon S3 Plugins for WooCommerce

November 2nd in Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce is one of the most useful WordPress plugins around. It makes it so easy to sell digital and physical products on your WordPress site. If you are planning to sell digital products, it might make sense for you to integrate Amazon S3 into your WooCommerce store to serve digital products. These 2 plugins can handle the job:

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WooCommerce Amazon S3 File Downloads: lets you integrate your WooCommerce store with Amazon S3 to offer your customers with a more reliable service. The plugin also protects your files from being shared. The dynamic links it creates expire after a certain number of minutes.


Amazon S3 Storage: enables you to serve digital products through your Amazon AWS S3 account. You just have to specify the bucket and object using shortcodes in the download path, and you are set.

If you plan to sell digital files on your site, serving them through Amazon S3 may be a good idea. The above plugins let you make that happen.

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