What Would You Add To WP 2.7?

January 12th in WP Stuff by .


WordPress 2.7 is finally here, and folks can’t get enough of it. I have talked about how the interface has improved. I can honestly say that as a result of using WP 2.7, I have become more productive. But I am a greedy guy and can’t stop asking for more features. I wish I could drag and drop the menus and their items to the front page and have them opened there. I also wish there was a way to add menu items on the interface and have the ability to program the code there. I am sure someday we will see some of these features, but right now these two features are on the top of my list.

What would you change about WP 2.7? What would you add? I am interested to see if you have had any major issue with the latest version of WordPress. Please share your thoughts. What would you like to see in WordPress 2.8?

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