5 Must see WordPress Infographics

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Infographics are not only great linkbaits, they allow you to get a crash course on certain topics or make your point about a topic to someone more effectively. There are plenty of nice WordPress infographics that offer you just that. Here are 5 WP infographics that are worth checking out:

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Credit: Yoast

The anatomy of a WordPress theme: have you ever wondered what it takes to develop a WordPress theme of your own? Maybe you need a crash course on this topic. Yoast has created the ultimate infographic on it.

Credit: Tech King

The power of WordPress: a cool infographic that demonstrates the true power of WordPress. Great tool to show someone why they should adopt WordPress (via Tech King).

Credit: Infographic Labs

The rise of WordPress: an informative infographic from Infographics Labs that puts WordPress’ rise in the past few years in perspective.

Via: 2.0.bloguite.com

WordPress facts: gives you a crash course in WordPress history, different flavors of this platform, and the themes/plugins available for it.

Credit: WP Beginner

Which blogging platform to use: a simple infographic by WP Beginner that shows you how popular some of the top CMS solutions are among bloggers.

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