WP Athletics: WordPress Plugin for Athletes

July 8th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Running a website about sports and fitness is not without its challenges. You should provide your visitors the right tools to make them want to come back for more. WP Athletics happens to be an interesting plugin that lets your athletes log and analyze their results, view their stats, and monitor their personal bests on your site. You can enter race results, search for athletes, view overall records, and more.


WP Athletics lets admins create and edit athletes and their results. They can also manage event/age categories and results. Users can view individual or club statistics in a visual fashion. The plugin also serves as an event manager, allowing you to plan future races. Athletes can search for others easily. There are also 2 widgets to display results and upcoming events.


WP Athletics makes it easier for your athletes to monitor their stats and keep up with upcoming events. This is free plugin.

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