Localize Amazon Affiliate Links: 4 WordPress Plugins

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The Amazon Associates program is one of many affiliate programs bloggers and content publishers rely on to earn money these days. Adding affiliate links for Amazon products to WordPress is pretty easy. But unless you are localizing your links, you will lose on sales made on Amazon stores for other countries. These 4 plugins localize your Amazon affiliate links to improve user experience on your site and boost your commissions:

Currently trending WordPress plugins

EasyAzon: this plugin is designed to help you earn more money from the Amazon Associates program. It has a built-in link localizer, Amazon popups, and add-to-cart links.


Amazon Link Engine: this plugin localizes your affiliate links, so you will earn money from international clicks. You get reports on clicks and performance as well.


Amazon Auto Links: makes it easier to add Amazon affiliate links to your website. It supports Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, UK, US, Canada, and many other stores. It offers URL cloaking as well.


WooZone: a powerful plugin that lets you import products from Amazon into your WooCommerce store to earn commissions. It supports various Amazon locations, product variations, add-to-cart functionality, and more.

What are your favorite Amazon affiliate plugins? Please share them here.

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