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7 Best Amazon Plugins For WordPress is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and fund your blogging venture. Whether you have grand plans for your blogging business or just want to be able to earn some additional income online in your spare time, Amazon Associates Program could be a great place to start. As long as you are not writing about something obscure, you can earn a bit of money here or there from Amazon, and once your WordPress blog becomes more popular, your earning potential increases exponentially with Amazon.

Amazon does a good job giving its affiliates a lot of tools to promote Amazon products online. But you can always count on the WordPress community to build useful plugins for to make using these services much easier. The same applies to Amazon Associates Program. There are plenty of plug-ins that make it so easy to add Amazon content and links to your website to increase your bottom line. If you are looking for Amazon WordPress plug-ins, you should try the below WP enhancements.

Amazon WordPress Plugins

  • Amazon SmartLinks: an easy way to add Amazon content to your sidebar. It’s designed by Adaptive Blue and makes it possible to show Amazon bestsellers on your WordPress blog.
  • AVH Amazon:  makes it easy to add your wish-list items to your WordPress blog. Don’t forget to add your Amazon ID to get credit for your sales.
  • AmazonSimpleAdmin: a great plugin to add all kinds of Amazon products without having to do too much work. It comes with caching capability for improved performance, and you can use BBCode to customize things on your blog.
  • Amazon Reloaded: if you intend to add specific items to your WordPress blog from Amazon store, this plugin can come in handy. It saves you time and enables you to add Amazon content to your blog in a more efficient fashion.
  • Amazonify: Amazonify is yet another simple WordPress plugin that takes care of the hard-work and makes it so easy to add Amazon products to your pages and posts. It’s also capable of adding contextual ads to your blog as well.
  • Author Advertising Plugin: a fairly sophisticated plugin that lets you show eBay, Amazon, and other third-party ads on your blog. If you want to pursue a multi-program affiliate strategy on your blog, this plugin comes in handy.
  • SimpleAAWS: a powerful plugin that helps you tweak your PHP code to build a killer Amazon shop on your blog. You probably need to be a bit more technical to get the best out of this plug-in, but it’s certainly an interesting Amazon plugin.

I admit that I don’t use Amazon Associates Program a lot these days. But it’s certainly a great revenue source if you have a consumer blog. By adding Amazon products to your blog, you get credit for every sale made by those who visited Amazon from your links. If you don’t have too much traffic, you may not earn too much money, but it’s a great way to start. The above plugins make it that much easier to get started with Amazon.

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  1. TCM Diet

    November 29 at 10:17 am

    Thanks for sharing this, just wanna be open a site with TCM affiliate, it's useful for me.

    Thanks again.

  2. Polisky

    May 2 at 3:37 am

    also WpAssociate is nice…

  3. fazdirect

    May 7 at 6:25 pm

    great affiliate plugin, i also using one of those plugin on my wordpress base blog. thanks for sharing.

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