Blogging To the Bank 3.0 Preview

November 8th in Wordpress Training by .

Blogging to the bank 3.0 has finally been released by the Rob Benwell. Blogging to the bank is probably the most popular digital blogging product on the market. Now, I usually don’t recommend any digital product as most of these products disappoint. Blogging to the Bank is close to my heart as it helped me get started with blogging.

Blogging to the bank has something for everyone. If you are a beginner, blogging to the bank shows you how to set up your blog from scratch. In essence you learn how to:

  • set up blogs for fun or for your business
  • drive traffic to your blogs through promotion and other methods
  • blog for success (how blogging works as a business).
  • how to promote your side businesses with your blog.

Now if you are a super expert blogger, you probably won’t need this product, but if you have set up your WordPress blog and want to follow a decent blueprint to build your blog up, then you should consider blogging to the back 3.

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