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The business of politics is quite lucrative for those who make it big. There is a good reason people run for office, and it is not just for serving other people. Regardless of the reason you have entered the world of politics, you are going to need a decent looking website for your campaign. Campaign for WordPress is an elegant theme that lets you connect with your fans and gather donations for your cause.

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Most large political campaigns have a ton of money to spend on websites and promotional material. That is not the case if you are running a local campaign. The Campaign theme solves that problem. It has 2 body styles and 6 background patterns. You get 4 color schemes (blue, red, green, and yellow). 4 custom widgets and 9 shortcodes are offered as well.

This theme includes optional disclaimer for the footer section (something you will need in the USA by the FEC for political committees). The backend options panel lets webmasters make changes to the theme more easily. Campaign is Vimeo and YouTube friendly too. What’s nice about this is the fact that you can start capturing your supporters’ email addresses and donations right away.

Campaign is social media friendly and compatible with the Events and Email Capture plugins for WordPress. Pretty decent theme for political campaigns.

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