How To Display In-Image Ads In WordPress: 4 Plugins

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Most webmasters are always testing new ways to monetize their website without turning off their visitors. While I am not a big fan of in-image ads, many top sites have had success with it. Here are a few plugins that let you add ads to your images:


Adverty: lets you add text, ads, and other content inside your images. For instance, you can use it to tag objects with hints.


WooMapper: this plugin lets you add pins over images on your site and link them directly to your WooCommerce products.


Pic Ignite: this plugin lets you earn money from your images. It allows you to place geo-targeted ads overlaying existing post images.


iMapper: a WordPress image mapper and pinner with a responsive design. It supports 7 types of pins, including location, area, sliding, and tabbed pins.

You can always rely on third-party advertising platforms such as  GumGum to display in-image ads. Amazon also seems to be working on a similar solution for its affiliates. What do you think? Have you found other plugins to display in-image ads on your site? Please share them here.

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