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Most webmasters know the importance of paying attention to their site visitors’ questions and concerns. Gathering feedback on the content you create could give you a better idea how to create even more useful content in the future. We have already covered plenty of user feedback themes and plugins here in the past. Document Feedback is another simple tool use you can use to gather feedback on your pages.

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document feedback

The idea behind this plugin is simple. It does not aim to ask your visitors tens of questions on the quality of your content. It does enough to give you a better idea on what things you are doing right on your pages. This plugin could prove useful for documentation, Q&A, and similar types of portals. Once you install this plugin, its feedback form is automatically added to your pages.

document feedback

Once your readers respond to your first question, they are going to asked about their suggestions. Feedback is emailed to the post author and also summarized on the page edit screen. This script has the potential to be a whole lot better. As it stands, it could be useful for webmasters who run documentation and knowledge base sites.

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