4 Google+ to WordPress / WP to Google+ Plugins

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Google+ is a very exciting social network. It has ways to go to catch Facebook but it can still be a traffic driver for your website. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, there are not many tools that automate the process of importing Google+ posts to WordPress or the other way around. These 4 plugins can handle that though:

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WP Google Plus Connect: not only lets you import your Google+ posts to your WordPress site, it also enables Google+ Direct Connect. With this plugin installed, your visitors can register with your website using their Google+ credentials.

WPGPlus: this plugin is useful if you want to automatically send your new WordPress posts to Google+. It publishes your posts to your Public circle with the excerpts you provide it with.

Google+ Importer: another plugin you can rely on to import your Google+ posts into WordPress. You can assign post tags and categories for your Google+ content. Best of all, your hashtags can be turned into WordPress tags. Importing can be restricted by tags.

Google+ Crossposting: this plugin lets you import your public activities from Google+ to your website. It creates a page for each entry you have posted on Google+.

Being active on Google+ all the time increases your chances of having success in that community. Thanks to the above plugins you can import your Google+ activities into WordPress or send your posts to Google+. These plugins are not always perfect but they do work.

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