5 Import Users Plugins for WordPress

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Many of us have had to change content management systems in the past. The process is not always easy. Having to move a ton of users from one portal to another is probably one of the most challenging parts of the process. The good news is you can import users into WordPress easily. You just need the right plugins. Here are 5 scripts that save you time bulk uploading users to WordPress:

Import Users from CSV: lets you import users from a CSV file to WordPress. It will add basic data (e.g. role) for users too.

User Meta: User Meta is more than an import plugin. It supports custom user profiles and lets you add additional fields to the registration process. You can import and update current user data using a CSV file as well.

Add Multiple Users: gives admins multiple ways to register users on their site. They can manually input information, use a CSV file, or create users from a list of e-mail addresses.

CSV User Import: another plugin that lets you upload your users in bulk. It adds first-name, last-name, username, password and email address fields too.

Members Import: as long as you prepare your CSV file the right way, this plugin can handle the importing process well. You can choose to send notifications to users too.

Which one should you use? That is purely up to you. Some of these plugins work great for small import jobs but are a bit slow for larger ones. Nevertheless, they can potentially save you a ton of time.

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