5 WooCommerce Plugins For Handling Users

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WooCommerce happens to be one of the best e-commerce plugins around. It makes creating an online store very easy. You can always enhance its features with the right extensions. These 5 plugins are designed to help you manage WooCommerce users:

users ulttra

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Users Ultra: use this plugin to create advanced user communities and add as many fields as you prefer. The plugin offers bbPress integration and WooCommerce auto-sync.

user price

WooCommerce Users Custom Meta Search: lets you offer each customer group a different price. You can also hide prices for unregistered users. Want to offer discount for a group of users based on their role? No problem.

woocommerce users

WooCommerce – Store Exporter: this plugin lets you export store details in CSV, XML or other formats. You can export products, products by category/status, tags, orders, users, coupons, and more.

woocommerce users custom

WooCommerce Users Custom Meta Search: adds users meta fields to the WordPress user search tool. You will be able to search users by billing first name.


WangGuard: not just for WooCommerce, this plugin lets you fight back against spammers. It cleans your database and protects your registation page. It supports WooCommerce and AppThemes products.

What are your favorite WooCommerce plugins? Please share here.

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