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There was a time when Q&A sites used to get a lot of traffic. Google has slapped many of those sites in the past couple of years, though some are still going strong. Trying to compete with Quora or Yahoo! Answers is not the brightest idea unless you can find ways to differentiate what you cover on your website. Robot Q&A is an elegant theme that turns your website into a Q&A community. Just choose the right topic, and your site might take off dramatically.

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Robust Q&A enables you to bring your niche Q&A site online. It is ready to be monetized too. You get custom sign up and log in pages, a leaderboard, and detailed user profiles. Your visitors can comment on answers and report inappropriate ones. They can also like the questions and answers they enjoy. Your visitors can keep track of their rankings and get more active to move up.

robust qa

Robust Q&A is responsive and easy to customize. It is ad-friendly and can be easily translated. You will still need to get your content strategy right to build a successful Q&A site.

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