Send Post Status Notifications by E-mail: 3 WordPress Plugins

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We all would love to believe that our loyal readers will remember to check our website when we have a new post. But that is not always the case. Sending them a notification every time you write an important post would help. Post status notifications are indeed quite useful for contributors and editors alike. These 3 plugins allow you to handle post status notifications via e-mail:


Notify Users E-Mail: sends a notification to your users by e-mail when you publish a new post. There are limits, but the plugin does work. Of course, you could always use a newsletter service to better manage your subscribers.

status notifier

Post Status Notifier: lets you create notification rules to be informed about post status changes. Supports posts, pages, and custom post types. It is WordPress multisite compatible. The pro version offers logging, user roles support, and more.

email user

Email Users: this plugin enables you to send a message to all registered blog users. It does not necessarily have to be about new posts either.

We have covered many other ways you can go about e-mailing your visitors. Whatever you do, just ask permission first.

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