Inline Tweet Sharer: Create Twitter Links in WordPress

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Twitter is still one of the most popular social platforms around. It can drive a ton of traffic to your site if you spend some time to connect with your followers and contribute to the community.  Adding Twitter buttons and widgets to your website might improve your chances of getting more retweets. Inline Tweet Sharer could also help. It turns words or sentences that you choose into Twitter links, making it easier for your visitors to share your content with their friends.

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inline twitter

Inline Tweet Sharer is designed to encourage your visitors to share your content on Twitter and drive more traffic back to your website. You can mark each one you create as Twitter links or even add a class for the wrapper DIV to further customize how your Twitter links will look. The plugin also lets you choose a default Twitter handle. Inline Tweet Sharer offers Bitly integration.


Inline Tweet Sharer is a great tool to create “tweetables” on your site. Just select the piece of content you want to turn into a Twitter link, enter the appropriate information, and let this plugin do the rest for you.

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