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When it comes to promoting your corporation online, you need to put your best foot forward. Having a good looking website may not be everything but it does give your business more credibility. You can get your corporate site online fast with WordPress. These 10 WordPress themes give your corporate site a beautiful look:

Modernize: a highly customize corporate-style template with unlimited colors and sidebars. 15 background patterns are included too. Modernize is social media friendly. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is mostly used by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and those who are looking for a simple way to bring their personal website online. In the past couple of years, more businesses are putting their trust in WordPress as the platform has become a lot more mature. One can’t ignore the improvements that the platform has gone through in the past couple of years. WordPress makes it easy for businesses to build an online presence and expand their reach. Small business WP themes such as Enterprise for WordPress have enabled small businesses and startups to go live online without having to spend a fortune.

Enterprise for WordPress has a very modern look and feel to it. But don’t let the looks scare you. The theme is designed for anyone who’s interested in taking their business live with minimal effort. It already has a decent look and feel, so you won’t have to start from scratch when customizing your site’s design. Enterprise Theme is clean, dynamic, and very good in handling images.

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Many startups and small businesses hesitate when it comes to going online. Many are worried that they can’t afford to put up a site while others don’t know where to start. One good place to start is by taking a look at some of the top corporate themes that are available for WordPress. These themes are not that expensive, yet they allow you to start a good looking corporate website fast. Executive is one of those themes that allow you to take your business online fast. It comes with everything that you will need to take your site online right off the bat.

The theme has a professional look and feel to it. It’s well designed and highly customizable which is what you would look for in a premium theme. Executive Theme is image friendly as well, allowing you to showcase your corporate headquarters, your top employees, and your products easily. The back-end comes with additional features to help you customize every aspect of your website. For instance, you can figure out how to replace images with videos and so on.You can also add your Google Analytics code in the back-end without having to deal with a single line of code.

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WordPress is a highly flexible CMS that can be used to set up personal or corporate blogs fast. In fact, you are not limited to blogs and can create portals and fully-fledged websites with WordPress. You just have to find the right theme for your project. If you are looking to set up your business website or upgrade your corporate web page, here are 45 premium, high quality WordPress themes you should consider:


1. Divi: a smart theme with 18 pre-made layouts and the Divi Builder, allowing you to customize how your site looks. It has a responsive design. You can use this theme for all kinds of websites.


2. Executive Pro: an elegant theme with 7 color styles and 3 layout options. It lets you customize its header and background conveniently. The theme features HTML5 markup and a responsive design.

3. Nova Theme: a great looking theme for startups, agencies, and other small businesses. It has 6 color schemes and offers automated thumbnail resizing. ePanel makes it easy to customize.

4. Enterprise Theme: has a clean and highly customizable front-page with 5 unique color schemes for webmasters to choose from. Its back-end can be used to manage navigation, SEO, analytics, and ad settings.

5. DynamiX: it has 20 outer skins and 2 inner skins. It takes full advantage of jQuery to bring a more dynamic experience to your website. [click to continue…]


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After weeks of waiting, eBusiness theme is finally out. eBusiness is a smart WordPress theme that is designed to help small businesses and start-ups set up their websites fast using the WordPress platform. eBusiness is not only very flexible, but also comes with many options to help you set up and optimize the look and feel of your website fast. eBusiness is optimized for search engines to help you maximize your free leads through Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. The code is XHTML + CSS valid which helps as well.


You get 9 theme colors with eBusiness. I personally love the smooth design as it’s perfect for corporate blogs. If you are looking for a corporate website and not just a blog, you can use the Default or Radiate options. What I like about eBusiness is the fact that it allows you to change almost every aspect of your website from the back-end. That makes it easy to make changes without having to write a single line of code.


As you can see in the above image, eBusiness provides you with an easy interface to manage your ads as well. You can enable, disable, and change the number of ad spots easily in the back-end.


You can also enable thumbnails for your theme. eBusiness will automatically re-size your thumbnails, so you won’t have to. As you can see, there is really not much coding you need to do to make a killer small business WordPress website fast.

Overall, eBusiness is a great solutions for small businesses and start-ups who are looking for a professionally designed theme to take their business to the next level. Best of all, it’s so cheap most businesses can afford it. If you are looking for a highly flexible theme for your WordPress business site, look no further than eBusiness.


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WordPress is a very flexible platform and is being used by a lot of folks to create non-blog portals. Businesses are also starting to understand the power of WordPress, which is why WordPress is expanding fast in this market. Business Theme is a new theme by NattyWP that is designed for small business and start-ups that are looking to create their own corporate websites fast. It is an attractive theme that can save you a lot of money and time. All you have to do is customize the theme to make the look and feel unique to your business (e.g. add your logo, …).

Business Theme is not only very lightweight, but it’s also very flexible. You can change your layout or your theme’s color fast without having to write too much code. As you can see in the image below, you can change the color settings of your theme fast without writing one line of CSS code. The Image Resizer makes it easy to put images on your corporate site fast.


Your posts are going to be pages essentially. That helps you better organize your corporate pages. You get 3 page templates for your site-map, archives, and pages respectively. Feedburner is also integrated into this theme, which means all you need is your Feedburner ID to get it to work on your corporate site. You also get a featured section to display your new products and exciting corporate news with your customers.

Overall, Business Theme is a great way to put up your corporate website fast. There are many business themes out there but not many of them are lightweight and well-designed as is Business Theme. If you are looking for an affordable business design for WordPress, you should check out NattyWP’s Business Theme.

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So you want to start your own business. You have a clear idea what you would like to do with your business. But, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars creating a theme for your corporation from the get go. If you are using WordPress for your corporate blog, you are in luck. Corporate Theme is an attractive and highly flexible premium theme from StudioPress that helps you put up your very own company blog in a flash.

Corporate is a 2-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress that is specifically designed with small businesses and corporations in mind. At the top, you get your standard header links. You can mention your services or link to your portfolio right at the top. If you plan to write more than a few pages, you can categorize your posts and point to them from your header.


In the right side of your screen, you get a placeholder for your YouTube videos. Many companies are starting to use YouTube to spread the word around about their brand and pre-sell prospects. With Corporate, all you have to do is pass the parameters for your video, and you are all set.


The home-page is completely widgetized. Corporate makes it so easy to add new content to your home-page. All you have to do is drop the right content into the right widget place holder.


Corporate Theme is an affordable, yet attractive theme that can help you take your small business to the next level. I have seen too many poorly designed small business sites in the past few years, but there is no excuse for that these days. You get WordPress for free, and this theme will only cost you $59.95. Most small businesses afford that. StudioPress sells all its themes for $199.95 (designed for website builders). Either way, Corporate theme can give your company’s website the makeover you have been waiting for.

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