6 Quality Editorial Calendars for WordPress

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The job of an editor is not easy by any means. You will have to track stories, communicate with authors, make fast changes, and do a whole lot more as an editor. The good news is there are tools you can use to keep your business on track and not go insane in the process. These 6 editorial plugins could certainly help your cause:


Editorial Calendar: makes it easier to see all your posts and manage them. You can drag and drop to move posts.


CoSchedule: lets you schedule your social media messages while you prepare your blog post. Use it to visually plan and schedule your content.

edit flow

Edit Flow: a very handy tool for growing websites. It enables you to collaborate with your editorial team within WordPress. It has a calendar, custom statuses, editorial comments, and more.

future posts

Future Posts Calendar: a simple plugin that shows you future posts, so you can better schedule new posts that your authors send you.

calendar archives

Calendar Archives: creates a visual calendar of your posts, which you can use to better plan your future content.


CalPress Calendar: useful when you are responsible for managing events on your website. It makes publishing and sharing events easy.

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