5 Ways To Greet Website Visitors On WordPress

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Building a solid community takes a lot of work. Publishers not only have to come up with great content, they also have to take care of their community. You certainly want to take care of your loyal readers. But giving your new visitors  some attention with a greeting message is a good idea as well. Here are 5 plugins you can use to personally welcome new visitors to your website:

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WP Greet Box: lets you display different messages to your visitors depending on how they find your website. You can use this to promote your social outposts or give your new visitors some incentive to become a loyal reader.

Referrer Detector: similar to the first plugin in many ways. It lets you target Digg, StumbleUpon, Google, and other social/search visitors uniquely.

What Would Seth Godin Do: not only lets you display a welcome message to your new visitors, it also supports messages for returning visitors.

Personal Welcome: this is useful for sites that allow user registrations. It lets admins send personal messages to new members.

Wibiya: Wibiya is more than just a plugin. It is a social toolbar with a ton of apps for you to choose from. Notifier Pro is a cool application for Wibiya that lets users display a message on certain pages, based a certain keyword, or after a page is visited a certain number of times.

Greeting your visitors from time to time to show your appreciation is a nice community building strategy. The above mentioned plugins let you do just that easily.

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