6 Cool Android Plugins for WordPress

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Are you a fan of Android? Maybe you want to create an Android app website. The platform is growing fast, so it is not a bad idea to create a site about it. Thanks to these 6 Android WordPress plugins, you can get up and running with your site fast:

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My Installed Android Apps: an easy to use plugin that lets you share the apps you have installed on your Android device with the world.

Android Market Top Monthly Apps: it shows the top monthly Android applications in your side-bar. Very useful if you own an Android app site. Weekly and daily apps plugins are available too.

Android App Share: another handy plugin for WordPress that lets you share the apps you have installed as a widget in your side-bar. It is powered by AppBrain.

Onbile Plugin: if your website gets a lot of traffic from Android phones, you can use this plugin to display a mobile friendly version of your website to your mobile visitors.

Android Application Widget: displays app information in your side-bar. It is somewhat easy to customize too.

You may also want to see:

WPtap Mobile Detector: an easy to use plugin that lets you redirect certain visitors (e.g. those using an Android phone) to a certain page on your website.

Which is your favorite Android plugin for WordPress?

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