How To: Start a Persian Blog with WordPress

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WordPress is not only a decent platform for English blogs, it can also be used for international websites , in some languages that are so different what we have gotten used to in this side of the world. Take Persian-world. It’s an awesome plugin that transform your WordPress website into a Farsi portal. Farsi (Persian) is close to Arabic in some ways, but it differs in many areas too. Persian World can be a life saver of a plugin for anyone interested in blogging in that language.

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Persian World gets to work as soon as you activate it. You probably want to know some Persian before installing it. It not only allows you to post your content in Persian language, it supports Persian dates too. It does have fully customized Farsi widgets that you can add to your website to customize its look and feel further.

Your admin and post pages all get translated to Farsi. That could be very handy if you prefer your environment to be completely in Perisan language. This plugin enhances WordPress’ TinyMCE and automatically converts your numbers from English to Farsi as well.

I happen to know some Persian but I personally prefer my user environment to be in English language. If you are interested in starting a Persian blog and don’t want to deal with an English environment, this plugin could be for you.

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