4 Magento Plugins for WordPress: Migration / Integration

August 24th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Magento is a powerful solution for e-commerce sites. Unlike WooCommerce, it is not a WordPress-based solution, which means you will have to learn a new CMS to run your website. It is still based on PHP and MySQL though. Whether you want to integrate Magento with WordPress or migrate it to WooCommerce, these 4 plugins have something to offer you:


Magento: lets you integrate Magento content into your WordPress site. It has a shortcode and a widget.


Magento to WooCommerce Migration: this plugin helps you move your data from Magento to WooCommerce. It transfers products, customers, and orders.


Magento WordPress Integration: allows you to add Magento blocks to your WordPress theme. It supports static blocks, products, and more.


Magento User Compatibility: it rehashes the passwords of users in your WordPress database. Useful if you have migrated Magento users to your WordPress database beforehand.

Migrating from one CMS to another is not always smooth, so make sure you have your data backed up before using these plugins.

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