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Second Impressions on WordPress 2.7

We are getting awfully close to the release date of WordPress 2.7. I personally believe that WordPress 2.7 is the most significant upgrade for the WordPress platform. If you are a professional blogger, you are probably familiar with the goods and bads of WordPress 2.6. WordPress 2.7 is far superior to WP 2.6 in almost all areas. Here is why:

  • Simplicity: WordPress 2.7 is programmed for idiots. Not literally, but if you upgrade to WP 2.7, there is no excuse for not getting things done. Almost everything is placed where it needs to be placed. If you can type and you can press a button, you can blog. The teen bloggers are highly technical these days, but even if you are old like me, you can still do what you love without having to master the art of PHP.
  • Usability: WordPress 2.7 is simply in another world when it comes to web usability. WordPress 2.6 and below were good enough in this area, but WordPress 2.7 is designed to get you more productive. No more fooling around with countless menu items, searching for things.
  • Backward Compatibility: I can’t tell you how impressed I am with WP 2.7 in this area. I have over 60 blogs that me and my staff manage on a daily basis. We have not had to make any significant change to make our themes compatible with WP 2.7. Better yet, we have not updated any of our plug-ins and things are still working great. The only minor problem that we had was with All-in-One SEO plug-in, and that was solved by the programmers.
  • New Features: WP 2.7 seems to be designed from scratch which makes using it a pure joy for a WP junkie like me. But lots of new features have been added to bring more convenience and security to your WordPress experience. For instance, you can now search for plug-ins by tag or keywords and download them to your server automatically. You can also update your WordPress installation without having to mess with FTP and all that stuff. If this is not simple, I don’t know what is…


Overall, WP 2.7 is one of the best upgrades ever (including Windows XP over Windows ME). The full version will be released in a flash, so get ready!

Your take: how would you improve WP 2.7?

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