Add Wikipedia Content to WordPress: 2 Wikipedia Plugins

September 24th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Wikipedia has a ton of awesome information. Many folks rely on it to start their research or learn about topics they are not knowledgeable about. Adding related articles and content from Wikipedia to your website could save your visitors time in some cases. These 2 Wikipedia plugins make adding Wiki content to your site a piece of cake:

🛠️ Divi Builder drag & drop page builder for WP


Wikipedia Widget: shows Wikipedia search results based on the current post title or a given string. It offers caching for better speed.


Wikipedia API search and display Widget: another simple plugin that adds Wiki content to your posts. The plugin is not perfect but saves your visitors time looking up information on topics you cover on your site.

Have you found better Wikipedia widgets for WordPress? We would love to try them. Please share here.

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