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If you are a heavy Facebook user, you have probably heard of FaceBook Connect. It’s an amazing way of bringing the power of Facebook to your blog. Think about it. People being able to comment on your blog with Facebook tracking your latest Facebook visitors. And talk about your visitor’s network. Facebook connect can explode your traffic by leveraging Facebook’s power.

How to: automate WordPresss tasks

Now, if you are an aspiring developer, you can use the sample code provided by Facebook to implement FB Connect on your WordPress blog. But thankfully, the good guys at Socialable have developed a Facebook WP plug-in that makes things so easy for WordPress users. The plug-in is very easy to use. But you need to watch the video provided by the developers to set up the Facebook side of things. In essence, you need to create an application per blog and use the application and secret keys per application to activate the plug-in.

Once you activate the plug-in, you are going to see the latest visitor from Facebook, and your visitors get to comment on your blog without having to log in. This is a very innovative feature and something that you need to jump on before everyone else does.

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Shawn February 11, 2009 at 9:58 am

Does your plug in allow ppl to see who visited their blog from Facebook? 🙂


panah February 11, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Hi Shawn,

I wish I could take credit for this plug-in. I didn't write it though 🙂 The way it works, it shows you the images (avatars) of folks who have visited you from Facebook. Sort of similar to Mybloglog.


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