How to: Lazy Load WordPress Video & Audio – 5 Plugins

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Lazing loading videos and images is a great way to make your website more responsive and faster. You don’t need to write custom code to do it either. Here are 5 plugins that lets you lazy load videos, audio content, and images on your site:

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Velocity: this plugin lets you lazy load YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud embeds. It comes with a simple shortcode with plenty of customizable parameters.

a3 Lazy Load: speeds up your website by lazy loading images and videos on your site. It works on YouTube, iFrames, and images in posts, widgets, and custom post types. The approach is based on the lazy-load-xt script.

Lazy Loader: this plugin supports images, iFrames, video, and audio elements. With the unveilhooks extension, you can target additional elements.

Lazy Load for Videos: useful for those of you who would like to embed a ton of videos in your pages. It replaces embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image, making your site more responsive.

WP YouTube Lyte: allows you to insert responsive lite YouTube embeds in your posts to make your site load faster. These look perfectly normal but load the YouTube player when clicked on.

Have you found faster ways to lazy load videos and images? Please share them here.

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