WP-dTree: Add Dynamic Navigation Trees To WordPress

October 5th in Wordpress Plugins by .

You may have the best content in the world on your website. If you do not have a great navigation structure in place, there is a good chance your visitors won’t get to see everything your site has to offer. Adding your categories, archives, and pages to your sidebar is one way to give your visitors the chance to find out more about your site. WP-dTree lets you take this a step further. It replaces your categories, pages, archives, and link lists with dynamic trees.

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WP-dTree has 4 widgets for you to choose from. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can handle various parts of your website with this plugin. You can add multiple trees to your sidebar. Each widget is highly customizable and comes with a ton of options.

You can truncate titles, exclude certain links from your trees, and change the order of the elements within your tree. Your tree can be sorted based on various factors. The latest version of this plugin is faster and more dynamic than before. It works for your visitors who do not have Javascript turned on.

WP-dTree may not be the right option for every site. But if you want to change your site’s navigational structure and make it more dynamic, this plugin is worth checking out.

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