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We have already covered a few plugins you can use to integrate Pocket with WordPress. Pocket is still one of the best read-it-later services around. Have you ever wanted to add the links you have saved to Pocket to your WordPress site? WP Stacker is just the plugin for the job. To get started, you need to authenticate your account and provide it with your Pocket key. WP Stacker lets you choose the type of links you would like to add to your site.

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What’s neat about WP Stacker is the fact that it is highly customizable. You can change the order of your links, use meta tag as tags, change post status and category, and even customize the way links are displayed on your website. WP Stacker also lets you add an introduction text to the beginning of your post and a statement at the end of each post.

WP Stacker

When using plugins such as this, you do want to be careful to avoid breaking your website or posting the wrong links by accident. I do like the fact that WP Stacker is highly customizable and gives you plenty of options so you can get the right template for your links. A highly useful plugin for Pocket users.

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