Smart Product Viewer: 360º Viewer for WordPress

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Running an online store comes with many challenges. As a webmaster, your goal should be to make shopping as easy as possible for your visitors. Displaying 360-degree photos of products on your site is worth exploring. Smart Product Viewer is a smart script that integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to provide your visitors with 360-degree views of your products.

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smart product viewer

The Smart Product Viewer plugin simply makes your website look more interactive. It has a fully responsive design and a drag & drop image manager. Your visitors get to rotate products on your site with their mouse. You can also include step-by-step product animations to give your shoppers a better idea what they are getting.


This plugin supports touchscreen devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It lets you customize colors and styles easily. It offers shortcode and widget integration. This is a commercial plugin.

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